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Combining Your Dentures With Dental Implants

Implant retained dentures

If you are beginning to lose multiple teeth, your new condition can sometimes feel overwhelming. The effect on your appearance can be jarring as your facial muscles lose the support of your teeth and begin to sink in. Everyday activities like eating and speaking can become a chore as you attempt to maneuver around your… Read more »

Implant Technology Coupled With Dentures

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Many people struggle with failing teeth, and those rates only increase with age. For those of us on the older side of the spectrum, the worry of replacing a full set of teeth can be a seriously anxiety-inducing endeavor. But today, we are able to use some of the advancement that we have gleaned from… Read more »

How Implants Prevent Dentures from Slipping

Dentures are among the oldest forms of tooth replacement, and still remain a lifeline for patients who’ve lost most or all of their teeth. Yet, despite the benefit of rebuilding smiles and restoring patients’ abilities to bite and chew, many denture-wearers share a common complaint – the appliance’s propensity for losing its grip and becoming loose…. Read more »

6 Reasons Why Implant Dentures are Worth It

If you’re sick of your dentures slipping out of place when you laugh . . . If you can’t get through a meal without having to reset your dentures after nearly every bite . . . If you miss how it felt to have stable, healthy-looking, functional teeth . . . You might want to… Read more »