Implant Technology Coupled With Dentures

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Many people struggle with failing teeth, and those rates only increase with age. For those of us on the older side of the spectrum, the worry of replacing a full set of teeth can be a seriously anxiety-inducing endeavor. But today, we are able to use some of the advancement that we have gleaned from implant technology in order to make sturdy posts for a prosthetic that connects to your jaw. No more messy adhesives or worrying about them falling out!

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist speaks to you about the future of implant-supported dentures, and how they might help you in restoring your beautiful smile!

A Combination Technique

Traditional dentures have their limitations, from the risk of fitting failure, to the daily grind of cleaning and maintenance. Implants, however, can be cost-prohibitive and just a bit too much for some people. In the middle lies an implant-supported procedure, where a number of titanium posts (typically four upper and four lower) are placed within your jaw.

Due to a process known as osseointegration, the metal fuses incredibly well with bone tissue, allowing for a permanent placement of these posts. After these have healed safely and can support the rigors of daily use, a dental prosthetic is placed over them, covering a large set of teeth.

Could It Help Me?

There are a few benefits in this practice that can be noted. Firstly, limiting the amount of surgery necessary to create a stable foundation is great at maximizing the amount of your natural bone material in your jaw. Without teeth, we are prone to reabsorb material such as this back into the body in order to preserve other healthy areas.

Also, it can be a much more affordable solution for people in need of replacement, while giving a connection strong enough to bite anything your originals could handle. It also means possibly keeping the mount of bone grafting necessary to a minimum, also limiting the trauma to your face.

It can also help to maintain your profile appearance, as those with traditional dentures can see the diminishing of the chin. By placing posts into the bone, the body keeps taking care of your face, and keeping it gorgeous!

Discuss With Your Dentist

If this is a route you may be thinking of traveling, it is always best to bring it at your next routine cleaning and examination. Every mouth is unique and there may be concerns that they have, or a new way to approach bringing life back to your smile!


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