Month: January 2018

Oral Health: Why Watch For Seeds?

There are big seeds, medium seeds, little seeds, and tiny seeds you didn’t even realize were there until you felt them get stuck in your teeth. They’re naturally occurring in fruits, they’re easy to spot on the crusts of some breads, and they’re not-so-easy to spot when they’re incorporated into a loaf cake. So, why… Read more »

Tooth Loss: The Time For Replacement Is Now!

What you may find yourself most focused on when you lose teeth is the way your smile looks. After that, you may notice that the openings aren’t doing much for you when it comes to making eating very easy (and certain words may become hard to pronounce). Did you know that beyond these more obvious… Read more »

Bone Grafting: 3 Solid Reasons

On a basic level, you may quickly agree that repairing your jawbone with bone grafting sounds beneficial. A damaged jaw, after all, doesn’t sound like something that you want to live with. However, when you aren’t yet seeing any signs that this is really going to have a negative impact on you, it can make… Read more »

Aligning Your Smile: Why You’re Seeing An Oral Surgeon

When you venture into the world of orthodontics to get your smile sorted out, so it’s straight and beautiful, you might not recognize that it can become quite the journey. For some issues, you’ll only need to see your orthodontist. However, in some cases, such as when overcrowding is your concern, you just might need… Read more »

Oral Symptoms: 3 Things To Remember

The thing about noticing symptoms in your mouth is that it doesn’t always do you a whole lot of good to try to figure them out. You might convince yourself that a problem is nothing at all (which can cause you serious stress down the line). You might convince yourself that nothing at all is… Read more »