Oral Health: Why Watch For Seeds?

There are big seeds, medium seeds, little seeds, and tiny seeds you didn’t even realize were there until you felt them get stuck in your teeth. They’re naturally occurring in fruits, they’re easy to spot on the crusts of some breads, and they’re not-so-easy to spot when they’re incorporated into a loaf cake. So, why all the fuss about seeds and your oral health? In some instances, it’s far safer to avoid them. Let’s talk about why!

If Flossing Is Difficult For You

One of the reasons you may wish to avoid seeds is simply the fact that flossing is challenging. Whether it has to do with the placement of your teeth and the frequency with which food becomes stuck or if you deal with physical limitations, why throw seeds into the mix? They’re notorious for causing problems.

If You Wear A Prosthetic

If you wear a prosthetic, don’t overlook the fact that little seeds (like those in raspberries) can easily slip within areas that are difficult for you to clean and access with your floss. Protect your oral health by keeping your prosthetics clean and free of debris.

If Your Teeth Don’t Need The Pressure

Perhaps you are an implant wearer, your teeth have multiple fillings, or you are simply very careful about protecting your smile. Remember that hard seeds can pack quite a wallop. Avoid the potentially damaging pressure and oral health complications by skipping seeds.

What You Can Do

Having a problem with a stuck seed? Contact us immediately! We are here for any type of dental emergency that may arise.

Consider Quick Helpful Tips From Our Team

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