Month: March 2017

Can I Afford Dental Surgery?

While you believe that the diagnosis and suggestion for surgery we offer you is accurate, your mind may not remain focused on your mouth. Instead, you may stop thinking about dental surgery and its benefits for a while and begin wondering if you can actually afford it. Good news: You can.

3 Facts About IV Sedation

Learning about dental sedation will bring up a lot of questions. Of course, you want to choose the best solution to address your dental anxiety or to help you peacefully make it through a procedure you’re not too excited about. While we will be thrilled to talk with you about your options, we focus today… Read more »

When You Need Post-Extraction Replacement

For many patients, there’s some confusion regarding whether or not a dental extraction will lead to the need for tooth replacement. The answer can be “yes” or it can be “no” depending on the reason for your extraction. Not sure you know if the tooth you need removed is essential to your bite, balance, beauty,… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Reasons To Relax

If you need oral surgery and you are at all prone to worry or anxiety, you might be feeling one or both right about now. While we completely understand feeling uneasy about surgical procedures (particularly if you’ve never had one), we would like to offer you all the reassurance in the world! Not only is… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Quiz: True or False?

It’s understandable that you may not know much about your wisdom teeth. After all, some people don’t have them, some people have an easy experience with them, and they show up later than your other teeth. However, it’s important that you do become familiar with these third molars because if they do present any type… Read more »