3 Facts About IV Sedation

Learning about dental sedation will bring up a lot of questions. Of course, you want to choose the best solution to address your dental anxiety or to help you peacefully make it through a procedure you’re not too excited about. While we will be thrilled to talk with you about your options, we focus today on some helpful details regarding IV sedation, so you can more easily distinguish between different choices.

#1: It’s Customizable Throughout Your Procedure

Unlike oral sedation, which includes a set dose by swallowing a pill, IV sedation is something we can customize throughout your procedure. If you need more or less of the sedative, we will be closely monitoring you during your visit to check your vitals and to promote your most comfortable visit.

#2: It Offers The Deepest Relaxation

When you’re comparing different types of dental sedation against one another, you may ask which is going to offer the deepest relaxation. The answer is IV sedation. Whether you’re someone who deals with extreme anxiety regarding dental care or if you worry about discomfort, this will guide you toward deep tranquility.

#3: With It, You May Forget The Procedure

You’re going to remain conscious throughout your entire procedure when you receive IV sedation or any other form of dental sedation we offer. However, you might not remember anything when the sedation wears off. Why is that? Well, because it offers a gentle amnesic effect. This is particularly beneficial for patients who find dental care causes anxiety.

Fill Up On Sedation Facts

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