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Surprising Ties Between Illness And Your Beautiful Smile

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The link between your oral and your overall health is undeniable. And we are learning more each day about new ways that our mouths have links to other areas of our body. We see this in numerous different areas, but our connection to our cardiac health may be the strongest we have seen so far…. Read more »

Keep Your Smile Looking Great As You Age!

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Time is a constant, and no matter how much we fight it, it will eventually affect all of our health. One significant way that this concerns people is in their bone density. As we get older, our body breaks down some of this material, leaving the remainder much more likely to break or chip. Osteoporosis… Read more »

Schedule Your Children’s Checkups Today!

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Believe it or not, summer is on its way out. As the days start to get a little shorter and those hot days become a bit less unbearable, it also means that the kids will be heading back to school soon. With that, it makes now a perfect time to schedule routine checkups for both… Read more »

Diabetics: Protect Your Smile!

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Diabetes is the most common autoimmune disorder in the United States, with 29 million people with either Type I or Type II. Nearly every aspect of your health is affected by diabetes, often in ways that you may not think. Your oral health is certainly one of those, and it is vital that you manage… Read more »

Stop Smoking: A Few Very Good Reasons

If you are someone who has smoked for only a short while, you may think that you still have time to quit before any serious side effects occur. If you have smoked for what feels like a long time, you may feel it’s been so long that it is not worth quitting. The truth is,… Read more »

Essential Ways To Prevent Gingivitis

The first signs of gingivitis (the early stages of gum disease) are usually inflamed, tender, and bleeding gums. Often times, these signs are ignored – making the infection progress further into gum disease, and eventually, severe periodontitis. However, there are many ways to prevent this from happening – preventive dentistry is the key to success!… Read more »

Exercising for Healthier Teeth

You use your teeth more than any other part of your body, and yet you might not realize that, like the rest of your body, they too can benefit from a regular exercise routine. Besides working your teeth out when you bite and chew your food, exercising in general helps your body better fight many… Read more »

How Smoking Destroys Your Oral Health

The dangers of smoking and tobacco use are no longer really debatable. Over the last few decades, numerous studies have uncovered the link between smoking and several chronic, potentially fatal health issues, including a variety of cancers. Your oral health also suffers from the habit, and not just your breath or the color of your… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth With Bacon Toothpaste and Other Funky Flavors

If you were to walk into your bathroom right now, what oral care products would you find? Toothpaste and a toothbrush, perhaps dental floss and mouthwash. And it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume that whatever you use, it tastes like mint: fresh mint, peppermint, spearmint, or any one of several variations on… Read more »

Flashback to the 1800s: Oral Hygiene Then and Now

It’s always fascinating to see how far we’ve come over the past hundred years or so. Other than fashion, nowhere are these changes more obvious than in matters of health and hygiene. Modern dental technology and improved access to professional dentistry have made it easier than ever to maintain a higher quality of oral health,… Read more »