Surprising Ties Between Illness And Your Beautiful Smile

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The link between your oral and your overall health is undeniable. And we are learning more each day about new ways that our mouths have links to other areas of our body. We see this in numerous different areas, but our connection to our cardiac health may be the strongest we have seen so far. That said, there are other aspects that impact your smile that you may not be aware of.

Because your mouth is a very good indicator of other areas of your physical condition, it is important to track any concerns you have and bring them to your trained oral health professional. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist touches on a few medical conditions that have direct ties to your oral health. As always, be sure to keep your office in the loop on any changes with your other doctors, so we can have a full image!

Your Immune System, In Real Time

Your dental health is a great indicator of your condition, and certain symptoms can often be used to identify problems outside of this area. Much of this comes as a result of showing you physical signs within your mouth. If you have already received a diagnosis, this may serve to help in your maintenance of a condition, or may be a sign of progression.

Diabetes is a prime example of this, as during times of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), the body releases sugars through its output of fluids. This can occur through ketosis, where high levels of urine are concentrated and expelled. But not only is the urine an avenue for this behavior, the mouth is also susceptible.

The body can push out sugars even through your saliva, leaving an otherwise healthy mouth filled with carbohydrates! Bacteria feed upon your own material, so unlike even with drinking soda or eating candy, you will continue to produce it. Around 20% of all tooth loss is a result of complications from this disease, so if you are diabetic, be sure to strictly control your levels.

Poor Oral Health Affects The Organs

Another area of concern for people can be the possibility of organ damage due to a lack of oral hygiene. The primary area of research has been the connection to the heart, which obviously, can be fatal. Recently, scientists have found that the bacteria that causes plaque on our enamel can also cause serious harm to your heart. Not only can this lead to heart disease and buildup of the heart, but this bacteria also seems to play a part in the development of Alzheimer’s disease!

If you currently have a diagnosis, be sure to explain this to your dentist so that any possible complications can be mitigated before they do harm. Also, this may allow them to be more aware of possible issues, so they can spot them at the earlist possible time!


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