Month: October 2015

How Will My Third Molars Affect Me?

Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are our last set of molars that usually show up in our late teens and early twenties. Some of you are incredibly lucky and your molars may come in properly aligned and they won’t affect you at all! However, most of the time, they come in misaligned and… Read more »

What Do I Do If I Have Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that can range from simple inflammation to something more serious that destroys your gum tissue and bones and can end up resulting in lost teeth. Once infection escalates into gum disease, it pulls the gums away from the teeth to create pockets that are prone to further… Read more »

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is necessary for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay, broken teeth, gum disease, third molars, and other cosmetic reasons. If you aren’t sure about removing your teeth, there are alternatives such as pain medications and other antibiotics that could be short-term solutions. However, completely removing the tooth or teeth that are damaged… Read more »

Quiz: Do I Have TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ, can be the cause of multiple other symptoms (such as headaches) in your body – but how do you know if you’re suffering from TMJ, not something else?

Qualifying For Dental Implants

Patients looking for a solution to address tooth loss often struggle when they learn about dental implants. How is this possible, you may wonder, when implants offer such a wonderful array of benefits? Well, it’s not the implants themselves that cause patients to take a few steps back – it’s the lack of knowledge regarding… Read more »

Could Your Headache Be Related To Your Teeth?

If you’ve been suffering from frequent headaches, you may want to get your teeth checked out – it could be a dental headache! Dental headaches are often caused by the muscular tension in your jaw and face muscles. Although, your muscles aren’t just tense for any reason – more often you have a misaligned bite…. Read more »

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Do you have trouble sleeping? For over ten million Americans, obtaining a good night’s rest is nearly impossible. Obstructive sleep apnea, also known as OSA, can cause patients to feel exhausted and develop a high risk of certain serious medical complications. Fortunately, there are treatments available to address the issue without surgery. You can soon… Read more »

Halloween Festival 2015

Are you starting to feel shivers down your spine – partly because the Halloween decorations are making an appearance and truly giving you a fright – and partly because you’re desperately anticipating this year’s community event? If so, you are certainly in for the surprise you were hoping for with the fast approach of an… Read more »

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Replacing a tooth means improving both the health and beauty of your smile, allowing you to enjoy a whole smile once again and eat/speak without difficulty. In addition, receiving dental implants can provide a host of benefits over other dental prosthetics. How do dental implants work? Can I enjoy a whole smile with implant dentistry?

Dental Bridge Benefits

When you take a look at the open space in your smile, you may experience a variety of reactions. Many patients feel embarrassed by the new appearance of their smile, some are extremely frustrated by the challenge that tooth loss presents when it comes to dental hygiene, and others feel most upset by the changes… Read more »