Month: December 2017

Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQ

When the subject of wisdom teeth arises, the next thought for many people is “tooth extraction.” The third molars (also called wisdom teeth) tend to appear in the later teen years. Dental technology can often help family dentists see in advance when wisdom teeth are trapped by bone, angled improperly, or will crowd other teeth… Read more »

Goodbye, 2017: Things To Think About

If you’ve been so distracted by purchasing gifts and more that you nearly forgot we are about to head into 2018, then you might have forgotten about your oral health for a moment, too. When this happens, we like to toss out a quick reminder to get your attention, so you don’t wonder where the… Read more »

The Real Deal: Resolutions 2018 Edition

January isn’t here yet. Don’t worry, we don’t want to rush you through the holidays, when you’re having fun, feeling cozy, and aren’t really feeling too intent on focusing on your oral health! However, we’d like to offer up an easy way to approach your resolutions for your smile when the time does arrive (and… Read more »

Flossing: More Powerful Than You Might Imagine!

You might not have much faith in flossing. Perhaps you have heard (the incorrect information) that it’s not that important for your oral health. Maybe you’ve never been an avid flosser and you just cross your fingers, hoping that it doesn’t catch up with you. The truth is, you need to floss! It provides many… Read more »