Month: August 2016

Your Pre-Visit Virtual Tour

Do you sometimes wish you had the option of enjoying a tour before you ever set foot in our practice? Maybe you have some general questions that you don’t think necessarily require contact with our team but you aren’t sure if the information is accessible to you. You will be happy to learn that we… Read more »

After You Receive Sedation

You may love the benefits that come with dental sedation. What you might not love, however, is the fact that beyond the blissfully relaxing experience you will have at our practice, you’re not sure what to expect once the appointment is through. Fortunately, helping you navigate your post-treatment experience is extremely simple. Consider our helpful… Read more »

What To Do When You Hate Flossing

When you’re focused on replacing teeth with dental implants or coming in for oral surgery, you may find that you’re not quite as concerned with the general details of your oral health care. However, as the dust settles and you are ecstatic with your complete and healthy smile, life will return to its usual day-to-day… Read more »

How To Respond To Discomfort

When it comes to your smile, discomfort can appear in various forms – much to the dismay of everyone! The good news is that if you know how to respond to this occurrence, you will be able to manage any new sensation and keep your eye on the goal of diagnosing and addressing the underlying… Read more »