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Find Health Security In A Gum Restoration

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One of the most common problems that are affecting American mouths is the infection and inflammation of our gum tissue. This condition is known as periodontal disease, and it is found in at least 47% of adult mouths in this country over the age of thirty. It begins as gingivitis, which may show as redness… Read more »

Implant Technology Can Restore Your Smile


There are endless ways that someone might lose a tooth. This situation might arise as a result of physical trauma, such as a car accident or an errant trip on the stairs. No matter how well you attend to your oral health, sometimes things are out of your control. The most important thing is that… Read more »

Stressors And The Quality Your Smile

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Science is discovering more and more how our health is a network of many systems. There are connections that people never associated until recently, and it is pushing dentistry out of the sole cosmetic view. Beyond restoration, there are serious reasons as to why keeping your mouth functioning and strong can help the rest of… Read more »

What Is Fluoride And How Is It Helpful?

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Many people have heard of fluoride and they may be a little bit familiar with it. They know that it is put into tap water and toothpastes, but that may be the extent of their familiarity. But the use of fluoride for dental purposes has allowed our society to protect our smiles more than just… Read more »

A Healthy And Happy Halloween

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When this time of year comes around, parents across the world know the pandemonium that is coming. Our children are excited about the season and dressing up like their favorite characters. But most of all, comes piles and piles of candy. For parents looking to limit the intake of a high amount of sugar and… Read more »

Bring Stability To Your Beautiful Smile

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We are always fighting tooth damage of one sort or another. Decay is our number one enemy, but even beyond that, oral trauma seems like it is always just right around the corner. From a stray baseball to a car accident, our teeth are not immune to trauma, no matter how well we take care… Read more »

Pregnant? Make Sure To Care For your Gums

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If you are pregnant, or think you may be, it is important that you take extra special precautions when it comes to your oral health. Throughout the process, expecting parents are at significantly more elevated risk of certain diseases and problems. Your oral health is no exception. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist touches on some… Read more »

Gum Grafting May Be Your Best Bet

There are many Americans who currently experience receding gums. It may be a bit embarrassing for you, and you may try to cover this up with a change to your smile or the way you speak. Frankly, you shouldn’t have to do these things, and there is a possible solution to your problem. Today, your… Read more »

Helpful Benefits Of Dental Implants

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When deciding to have a dental implant or a whole row of prosthetics implanted, a patient’s usual first concern is in the cosmetic aspects. Obviously, people want to look fantastic, and that is always our priority. But the procedure may help in other areas of your oral health, both aesthetically and also while improving your… Read more »

Dry Mouth Can Cause Big Problems

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Often, patients have a hard time differentiating between smaller concerns and larger ones. One such area is the area of dry mouth. Sometimes, these changes can take years to occur, or maybe you have never produced enough saliva. But this can have serious lasting implications to the health of your smile. Today, your Cerritos, CA… Read more »