What Is Fluoride And How Is It Helpful?

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Many people have heard of fluoride and they may be a little bit familiar with it. They know that it is put into tap water and toothpastes, but that may be the extent of their familiarity. But the use of fluoride for dental purposes has allowed our society to protect our smiles more than just about anything else in the 20th century and beyond!

So since you may have just a little information, you might also be understandably skeptical of the addition of a chemical to our drinking water, and wonder why the need seems to be there. So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist is here to explain the rationale behind fluoride use and its safety!

How Does It Work?

So what is the main goal of fluoride use? Essentially, this material repairs damage to the enamel of your teeth through incorporating minerals into weakened areas. So rather than truly preventing damage, it allows for the maintenance through stopping smaller instances before they begin to become a more serious issue.

The strengthening of the teeth with this method is helpful in cavity prevention. Preventive care is more ideal for your smile, and allows you to keep as much of your own healthy biological material as possible. The addition of fluoride to tap water and toothpaste have saved countless millions of children from developing unnecessary cavities that can put their entire oral health at risk.

Even in children, the loss of a tooth can be devastating. Parents may believe that their child’s first set is only a temporary placeholder until their final ones develop. But studies have shown that they create a guideline for adult teeth. So premature extraction can leave the adult set growing erratically. This means orthodontic care later in their childhood, which can be expensive and invasive. Not to mention, the more healthy natural growth we can encourage, the better! This approach allows us to softly guide the body’s development instead of inflicting more serious trauma to correct issues that have been left alone.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Not only is the fluoride within your tap water and toothpaste perfectly suitable for human consumption at the levels we encounter, there is also the amount of damage prevented. Each infection within the body has the opportunity to grow and create issues for your health. And your mouth is connected in a very sophisticated manner to the rest of your body through your bloodstream.

By preventing tooth decay, this material can also lead to less of a chance of needing a root canal. This procedure requires a pulpectomy, in which the fleshy interior portion is removed. This separates the tooth from your immune system through blood flow. While this saves the tooth, we would like to maintain that connection if at all possible!


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