Month: June 2017

Treat Your Smile With Tooth Extraction

The idea of losing a tooth can be quite a bit to wrap your head around, especially when it’s to help the rest of your teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction can greatly improve your oral health. How can removing a tooth improve your oral health? What’s involved in the process? What can your dentist… Read more »

Dental Surgery: Try Our Checklist

Are you putting off the dental surgery that you need because you keep getting distracted by other things? Maybe you aren’t sure what to expect, so you keep saying you’ll call us tomorrow. Perhaps you aren’t certain about how you’ll afford your surgery just yet, so you figure it can wait. While we understand that… Read more »

Summer’s Here: Time To Schedule A Visit

Summer officially begins in just under a week, which means you’ve got several days (but no more than that) to decide how you’ll spend this upcoming season. If yours isn’t packed with a million things to do (after all, it’s generally looked at as the most luxurious part of the year regarding free time) then… Read more »

FAQs: How Do I Move Forward With Choosing Implants?

There’s something very exciting about the moment you learn dental implants can replace the entirety of a missing tooth. However, it’s often difficult to follow that moment up with action if you’re not really certain about how to begin or where that path might take you. Rather than overthink it, go ahead and learn more… Read more »