Month: July 2016

Why Visit An Oral Surgeon?

You may wonder why you have suddenly been thrust out into the world away from the comfortable cloister of your general dentist’s practice and into the office of an oral surgeon. The moment you are referred to a specialist of any kind can certainly be cause for some concern or confusion if you are not… Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Levels Of Reliability

Have you found in your personal research and in speaking with us that dental implants offer an exceptional list of advantages? If they are the right choice for you, you will discover the benefits that come with them begin to seem limitless. As for the details that will help you feel confident enough to say,… Read more »

Quiz: Is A Dental Bridge For You?

As you maneuver your way through your tooth replacement options, you may find yourself flip flopping a bit. Making up your mind when considering how to complete your smile after tooth loss may require some serious thought, asking a lot of questions, and ultimately, figuring out what works best for your needs. If you have… Read more »

Do You Have FAQs About Dental Implants?

Replacing a missing tooth is essential for your oral health. Otherwise, a number of oral health problems can develop, such as misalignment, further tooth loss, or even facial collapse. Fortunately, we can help return your smile to full function and health with dental implants. Do you have questions about dental implants?