Dental Implants: 3 Levels Of Reliability

Have you found in your personal research and in speaking with us that dental implants offer an exceptional list of advantages? If they are the right choice for you, you will discover the benefits that come with them begin to seem limitless. As for the details that will help you feel confident enough to say, “Yes, I would like to move forward with treatment,” we recognize that feeling implants are reliable is certainly important. Consider a few ways you can rely on this prosthetic solution to restore your smile after tooth loss.

#1: You Can Rely On Implant Success

Dental implants, as you know, require surgical placement. Do yourself a favor when researching this topic and seek out reliable sources (like us!) for accurate figures. You will be glad to learn that implants generally have a success rate of around 98 percent, which means receiving them is something you can look forward to experiencing.

#2: You Can Rely On Stability

You can fully rely on the stability of dental implants when you are completing your smile. They are anchored into your jaw tissue (remember, the implant and your jaw tissue will fuse). As a result, there is no movement, slippage, or any other form of instability to expect. You can use your smile the way you did before tooth loss.

#3: You Can Rely On Longevity

Good news! Dental implants are quite reliable in how long they plan on sticking around, too. They can last decades if not the rest of the years of your life. By caring for them according to our recommendations and staying on top of professional dental care, you can expect a long life out of your implants.