Month: May 2018

Why See Us Immediately For Damaged Dental Work

One day, your crown, dental bridge, dental implant, etc., isn’t something you think about at all. It’s been in place for a while, you use your smile every day, and you just go about your life. Then, suddenly, you notice something feels … different. Perhaps you noticed the moment it happened when you bit into… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Quiz: Common Areas Of Confusion

You might have a little bit of information floating around in your thoughts regarding your third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. However, when we’re getting down to the details of wisdom teeth removal, when these final teeth show up, and more, you may be the first to admit that you don’t actually know as… Read more »

Summertime Surprises: Avoid Emergencies With Important Tips

There are some good summertime surprises that you can look forward to, of course, like a perfect day with perfect weather that just happens to show up! Then, there are those not-so-welcome surprises that translate into a dental emergency. Gather up our tips and remember them, so you can skip the trauma and make the… Read more »

Dental Implants: Not Ready Today But Ready Someday!

You may not really know what to make of preparing or qualifying for dental implants. You may figure that you’re either going to qualify or not. You may even make some assumptions that lead you to believe you’re not going to be able to receive them, so you figure pursuing the idea any further may… Read more »

3 Reasons To Treat Dry Mouth

You may suffer from dry mouth but not realize that it’s leading to serious problems for your oral health. Yes, it’s annoying and a little uncomfortable, but did you know that it can threaten a long list of aspects of your smile, from dental work to the way your breath smells? If you think this… Read more »