3 Reasons To Treat Dry Mouth

You may suffer from dry mouth but not realize that it’s leading to serious problems for your oral health. Yes, it’s annoying and a little uncomfortable, but did you know that it can threaten a long list of aspects of your smile, from dental work to the way your breath smells? If you think this condition is affecting you, it’s high time you visit us and have a chat about how we can resolve the issue, so you can be sure you’re keeping everything about your smile nice and safe.

#1: It Can Cause Bad Breath

Did you know that when your mouth is too dry, you are much more likely to end up with bad breath? It sounds confusing but it’s for a very simple reason: Your saliva helps you keep bacteria away and helps to neutralize your mouth. When it’s not present, there’s no consistent flood of moisture ridding the oral environment of excess bacteria. They stay where they are, they feed on plaque and food, they release acids and bad odors, and you end up with bad breath.

#2: It Encourages Oral Disease

Dry mouth, as we just mentioned, gives bacteria the chance to hang out and enjoy themselves. Since the “bad” ones are up to no good, this means you’re more likely to develop decay, gingivitis, infections, etc. Address your saliva issue to help promote a healthy smile.

#3: Disease Can Threaten Implants And More

If you’re someone wearing a dental bridge, dental implants, etc., it’s important to remember that maintaining oral health is essential in protecting your prosthetic. When you end up with decay, it can damage your teeth and jeopardize your ability to wear your bridge. When gums become inflamed and diseased, it can lead to implant failure. Keep that saliva flowing and your mouth moist to protect your dental work.

See Us For Assistance With Ending Dry Mouth

When dry mouth hits but you’re having trouble fixing the problem, take time to see us to keep your smile healthy. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities, such as Lakewood, Long Beach, Buena Park, and more.