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Bone Grafting: 3 Solid Reasons

On a basic level, you may quickly agree that repairing your jawbone with bone grafting sounds beneficial. A damaged jaw, after all, doesn’t sound like something that you want to live with. However, when you aren’t yet seeing any signs that this is really going to have a negative impact on you, it can make… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Let’s Quiz Your Knowledge!

Perhaps you have noticed that bone grafting is something that can help individuals dealing with jaw tissue damage. If you have experienced any amount of jaw deterioration, this oral surgery treatment may become something you feel you owe it to yourself to investigate. Fortunately, discovering more about it and how it may help you is… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Is It Something I Need?

Perhaps you have discovered that we offer bone grafting as one of our oral surgery services. You know, in a nutshell, that this means we can help you rebuild your jawbone if it’s become damaged in some way. However, as for whether or not you need it and precisely why we offer it, you might… Read more »

Am I a Candidate for Jawbone Grafting?

In general, routine dental care is pretty straight-forward. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, attend checkups and cleanings as often as recommended, and when necessary, don’t hesitate to undergo a particular treatment. Sometimes, however, dental issues can cause more damage to your oral health than you realize, and a more extensive procedure, like… Read more »

What Causes Jawbone Deterioration?

When most people think of oral health, their teeth, gums, and other soft tissues are the first thing that comes to mind – rarely do people think about the condition of their jawbone. However, jawbone loss can not only change the size and shape of your jaw and face, but it can be detrimental to… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Bettering Your Oral Health

Jawbone deterioration is nothing to take lightly – it’s one of the worst consequences of lost teeth. Without the proper stimulation from the root of your tooth, it’s inevitable that you’ll begin to lose bone density and shape over time. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way – bone grafting has made it possible… Read more »

What Is A Bone Graft Procedure

There are circumstances when your jaw bone may atrophy or deteriorate; for instance, if you experience the loss of one or more teeth, or especially if you are fully edentulous. If there are no teeth implanted in your jaw bone your jaw bone will deteriorate. It is your teeth that keep your jaw bones healthy…. Read more »

Dental Implants: Do You Need Bone Grafting?

Are you thinking about choosing dental implants to complete your smile in the wake of tooth loss? If so, we applaud your decision to consider this dental prosthetic solution that may last a lifetime, while offering exceptional stability. However, making this decision requires you to qualify for treatment because implants are more complex than most… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Grafting

If there isn’t enough bone in your jaw to support dental implants, bone grafting might be an option. Your Cerritos, CA, oral surgeon Dr. Hofkes addresses common questions about bone grafting.

How to Qualify for Dental Implants If You’re Jaw’s Less than Perfect

If you lost a permanent tooth in an adolescent accident or if you’ve been wearing dentures for years, you might be concerned that replacing that missing tooth with a dental implant might be beyond your reach. After all, a few quick searches on dental implant websites indicate that poor jawbone density (a common side effect… Read more »