Month: April 2018

Emergency Dental Visits: Things You Can’t Predict

Of course, when it comes to emergency dental care, there are lots and lots of things you cannot predict. Otherwise, you would have already set up a visit and come in to see us about your smile. Today, we would like to talk about some possible moments you may require urgent care that you’ve never… Read more »

Is Your Nightly Care On Point?

As much as the actions you take during the day affect your oral health in significant ways, they’re not offering the full support your smile needs to avoid problems that can lead to disease and missing teeth. What you may overlook is that you’ll only get mileage out of daily care if you’re good about… Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Things That Help You When You See Us

How do you spend your time with us when you come in for a visit? If you’re someone who has dental implants replacing missing teeth, then we would like to cover a few things you might not be doing when you come in for visits that could absolutely be benefitting both your experience and your… Read more »

“Behind” The Scenes Contributors To Oral Health Problems

Just because you know we are here to help you by offering oral surgery, emergency dentistry, tooth replacements, and more doesn’t mean that you should just give up on your oral health care plans. True, we can save your smile when something goes wrong. However, it’s always easiest to make sure everything is going right,… Read more »