Is Your Nightly Care On Point?

As much as the actions you take during the day affect your oral health in significant ways, they’re not offering the full support your smile needs to avoid problems that can lead to disease and missing teeth. What you may overlook is that you’ll only get mileage out of daily care if you’re good about your nightly care, too! Let’s find out how you’re doing with your evening approach to your smile, so we can help you steer clear of smile concerns with greater ease.

Are You Cleaning Your Devices?

What type of device do you rely on for your smile health and function? Are you someone who uses a sleep apnea appliance, a bruxism mouthguard, a TMD device, a partial or full denture, etc.? If so, if you are supposed to clean these devices at night, either before putting them in your smile or before taking them out for sleep, remember that you need to clean them as suggested. Otherwise, you may be increasing your potential to developing dental concerns.

Are You Using Your Device?

Are you actually using the aforementioned necessary device that you’ve received to support your oral health? Don’t forget! Remember that consistency is key when it comes to treatments practiced at home.

Are You Brushing And Flossing?

If you don’t brush twice a day and floss once a day, you’re opening your smile up to some serious threats, which can lead to decay, infection, and even tooth loss. Make sure every night includes brushing (and flossing, too, if you didn’t floss in the morning).

Are You Snacking In Bed?

Don’t do it! Have a sip of water if you need to wet your whistle. However, anything else will steer you straight in the direction of oral health problems like decay and worse.

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