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What To Do About Smile Changes?

You may notice one day that you’re experiencing a smile change that has you somewhat alarmed. These changes may come in many forms, some pointing to an underlying oral health disease, while others are completely harmless. The challenge for you, of course, is that it is generally impossible to figure out on your own what… Read more »

Q&A: Helping You Feel A-OK About A Biopsy

We know that scheduling a biopsy for your oral health can cause you to feel uneasy. We know, as well, that you might have a lot of questions running through your mind. So many, in fact, that you might hesitate to schedule this necessary visit. As a result, we would love to answer the frequent… Read more »

What Can An Oral Biopsy Tell Us?

A big part of preventive dentistry is how often you visit your dentist. Throughout these visits, your dentist will look for any visible signs of oral cancer, disease, or damage in your mouth. Periodically, they’ll recommend an x-ray scan that will help them to see anything they’re unable to with their naked eye. If your… Read more »

Oral Biopsies: A Quiz

Have you recently visited us due to a change in the lining of your mouth? Perhaps you noticed a sore or ulcer. Or, perhaps you didn’t realize anything had changed but we detected a slight abnormality during your last visit. Whatever the case, we often suggest an oral biopsy for an accurate diagnosis of what… Read more »

The Role of the Oral Biopsy

When the doctor finds an unexplained patch of abnormal cells such as a white patch or a bump, the doctor will recommend a waiting period of two weeks to monitor the area or lesion.  Lesions that are caused by local trauma, infection, or inflammation may improve on their own.  For lesions that persist for two… Read more »

How Does One Treat Oral Cancer?

Each year, over 43, 250 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Of these, around half will pass away within five years. Why are oral cancer mortality rates so high? The fact is most people are not diagnosed until the late stages of the disease. However, with screenings during regular checkups, the disease can be diagnosed… Read more »

FAQs: What is Oral Pathology?

How often do you have a checkup? Many adults assume a checkup is a very minor procedure and one they can afford to miss. In fact, a checkup allows your dentist to watch for signs of dental disease, including gum disease and oral cancer. At Cerritos Dental Surgery, we offer our patients the latest in oral… Read more »

Can General Dentists Practice Oral Pathology?

Oral and maxillofacial pathology is one of the nine specialized fields of dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association. In generalized terms, oral and maxillofacial pathologists (OMPs) work to identify, treat, and gain a better understanding of diseases that affect the mouth, the jaw, and the surrounding structures like the salivary glands and the TMJs… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Biopsies

Your dentist has located a patch of cells, a lesion, or a small bump that needs to be analyzed so an accurate diagnosis can be made and treatment plan developed. To achieve these goals, you will need an oral biopsy, a procedure during which your dentist or oral surgeon removes a small section of the… Read more »