FAQs: What is Oral Pathology?

How often do you have a checkup? Many adults assume a checkup is a very minor procedure and one they can afford to miss. In fact, a checkup allows your dentist to watch for signs of dental disease, including gum disease and oral cancer. At Cerritos Dental Surgery, we offer our patients the latest in oral pathology to identify and address dental disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Pathology

Question: What is oral pathology?

Answer: Oral pathology refers to the diagnosis, study, and treatment of common dental disease. Dental disease can lead to tooth loss and even endanger overall health.

Question: What are common symptoms of dental disease?

Answer: Patients at risk of dental disease may encounter a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including swelling, chronic dry mouth, recurring oral infection, sore or bleeding throat, white splotches in the throat, discomfort when chewing, and rough spots or ulcers in the mouth.

Question: How often should I have an oral cancer screening?

Answer: You should see your Cerritos CA oral surgeon for an oral cancer screening at least once every year. Most people receive them once every six months, during their regular scheduled checkups. Uncovering the signs of oral cancer early is crucial for increasing the chances of a full recovery. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an exam, talk to your Cerritos CA oral surgeon today.

Question: What happens if my Cerritos CA oral surgeon finds sign of oral cancer?

Answer: A lot will depend on your specific oral health. However, in most cases a biopsy will be performed and the tissue examined at a lab. If the results indicate oral cancer, we will discuss your treatment options. We will be with you every step of the process.

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