Month: November 2016

Worrying About Implants? No Need.

When you make any major decision in your life, particularly one that includes surgery, it is perfectly natural to have some concerns. We know that this is almost always the case as patients make their foray into the world of receiving dental implants. The more you learn, the more you may notice that questions tend… Read more »

Q&A: Customizing Implant Restorations And Bridges

We have discovered that when patients are venturing toward tooth replacement, they are often most anxious about how the finished product is going to look. Granted, regaining the ability to enjoy a full diet of food choices and the ability to articulate one’s words clearly is absolutely wonderful. However, nobody wants these benefits at the cost… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Questions We Expect

You might think that we expect you to listen to us talk with you about oral surgery and that you should then go home feeling fully satisfied with our explanations (and ready for your surgery). This couldn’t be any further from the truth! What we expect is for you to ask us questions regarding information you… Read more »

Oral Examination: A Quiz

Do you find yourself feeling uncertain about why you need an oral examination, when to schedule a visit for one, and what might come of this dental care service? We understand that a trip to the dentist might not be your outing of choice. However, checkups are a necessary part of protecting your smile! Learn… Read more »