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Mending Your Teeth With Dental Crowns

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Whenever you experience an injury to a tooth, you should seek its repair right away to prevent further complications from developing. Whether from decay or physical trauma, damage to your teeth can break open your protective enamel layer and leave the inner material at risk for infection. You may also undergo severe pain as cracked… Read more »

Remarkable Results With Dental Crowns

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A healthy smile can provide a large boost to one’s self confidence when you are proud of its appearance. Because it is often the focus of attention when speaking, any unsightly injuries to your tooth can wear down your enthusiasm about interacting with others. In addition to their effect on your personal appearance, injuries to… Read more »

Repairing Teeth With Dental Crowns

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Whenever one of your teeth is severely damaged by physical injury or decay, you should seek restoration to avoid further complications with the health of your smile. Each time you sit down to enjoy a meal, your bite sustains a significant amount of pressure while processing your food. When a tooth is healthy, it withstands… Read more »

Crowns Can Enhance Your Smile’s Stability

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If you have a tooth that has become structurally impaired, you may feel a lingering sense of unease multiple times throughout the day. The constant fear of a broken tooth or a sudden ache can affect your performance in your everyday living. One of the best ways to remedy this situation is through the use… Read more »

Q&A: Smile Restoration with Ceramic Crowns

Despite the strength of our teeth, our smiles aren’t immune to damage. Everything from trauma to advanced tooth decay can compromise our tooth structure. In many cases, you may require a dental crown to return your tooth to full function and health. With ceramic crowns, we can place a metal-free restoration that looks completely natural.

FAQs: Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

How do you feel about your smile? Do you look in the mirror and wish you could flash a smile that belongs on the red carpet? Many esthetic issues can plague a person’s smile, including teeth stains, misalignment, and damage from chips or decay. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can make completely transforming the appearance of your smile possible.

Learn about Zirconia Dental Crowns

A dental crown is considered a restoration. Designed to completely surround a damaged tooth or dental implant, dental crowns are affixed to the remaining tooth structure or titanium post using dental cement. Over the years, a large variety of materials have been used for fabricating dental crowns. Some materials proved more successful than others, but… Read more »

How Do We Love Crowns? Let Us Count the Ways.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to romance. But while the search for love can often lead to disappointment and heartbreak, finding the dental restoration of your dreams is as easy as talking to your dentist about ceramic crowns. Seem like a stretch? In today’s blog, we’re discussing how dental crowns are like (and,… Read more »

Three Restorations that Toe the Cosmetic Line

For most of human history, esthetics took a backseat to functionality when it came to dental restorations. From the earliest beeswax fillings to the gold and platinum metal crowns still used today, dental restorations looked like, well, dental restorations. Today’s patients prefer a more natural esthetic and the industry has responded by developing different types… Read more »