Crowns Can Enhance Your Smile’s Stability

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If you have a tooth that has become structurally impaired, you may feel a lingering sense of unease multiple times throughout the day. The constant fear of a broken tooth or a sudden ache can affect your performance in your everyday living.

One of the best ways to remedy this situation is through the use of a dental crown. Whether this is your first or if you’ve been here before, it is a unique experience. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist touches on some of the common reasons for a crown, the process of placement, and the possible benefits available to you!

What’s The Damage?

Our smiles are constantly under assault from external forces. This can take the form of a physical trauma, such as a fall or a car wreck. It also is apparent in our continual battle against bacterial and fungal infections in the mouth, which is our largest opening into the body.

And we are constantly eating and speaking, so with much use comes much risk. The need for a dental crown can occur with either of these situations. But the process may be a little different.

In Combination With A Root Canal

Many patients with severe tooth decay find themselves with immense tooth pain, which can be spurred by a number of factors. Hot, cold, sweet, all can be triggers for this kind of suffering.

The solution is typically a root canal, as your bacterial infection has most likely eaten through your enamel into the soft, fleshy interior. Your dentist will perform a pulpectomy, where the root and pulp are removed. The connections to the jaw are sealed with a material known as gutta-percha, a gummy material that is excellent as a sealant.

A Stable Repair

A dental crown can give you much needed confidence in your bite and your smile. It is our goal to bring full function back to your jaw and ensure that the prosthetic will hold for years to come.

Crowns are typically placed in a combination of two appointments, though same-day placement is now available in some instances. The first visit requires a few steps, including the initial examination, plan, and cleaning of the site. A mold and x-rays will usually happen at this time, so be prepared for this.

This will mean drilling damaged portions of enamel and dentin so that only healthy tissue remains. We don’t want a bacterial infection to recur! After the tooth has been filed down and is ready for the placement, you will receive a temporary crown while the mold is sent off to the labs.

A skilled ceramicist will take the information and build you a beautiful and natural-looking new tooth. This step might take a week or two, and in the meantime, be sure to protect your temporary prosthetic. After your dentist receives your permanent crown, they will cement it on top of your natural tooth.

Make sure to follow the specific advice given to you by your trained oral health care professional. Every situation is unique, so please allow them to understand your comprehensive medical situation and tailor your care to you.


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