Month: June 2019

Ways To Transform Your Smile For The Better

There are ways to make little improvements to your smile. There are ways to find out more about what’s going on with your smile, too! In addition, there are even ways to completely transform your smile for the better! If it’s the last of that list that you’re thinking about and that you’d really love… Read more »

Plans For Fun In The Sun? Consider Smile Safety Tips!

The arrival of summer means tons of fun in the sun, of course, which sounds extremely relaxing and smile inducing. All you need to make the most of this time of the year is a pair of sunglasses, a good book, a beach towel, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly. Remember that… Read more »

Smile Care: Take A Look At Your Summer Calendar

We have arrived in June, which means as your eyes land on the June 21st cell of your calendar, it marks the beginning of summer! The warmest season of the year is about to begin and our Cerritos, CA team wonders: Have you taken any time to consider what you might want to accomplish for… Read more »

I Worry About My Partner’s Snoring. What Now?

If you are concerned about a partner’s snoring, it can be hard to know where to turn. Is that something to talk over with a family doctor? A sleep expert? Is there a medical field that studies snoring? Many people are surprised to find out that your trusted dentist in Cerritos, CA has answers for… Read more »