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How To Treat Advanced Gum Disease

According to a study that was recently conducted by the CDC, periodontitis (advanced gum disease) affects almost half of Americans 30 and older. Unfortunately, once you’ve suffered from periodontitis, it can easily recur if bacteria builds up in your mouth – and in severe cases, the end result is often tooth loss. The best way… Read more »

What Is Gum Grafting?

Are your gums bleeding, red, or swollen? Do they feel tender to the touch? Are they receding? Periodontal, or gum, disease is on the rise. This may be due to the aging population, or perhaps, in today’s economy people are taking shortcuts regarding their dental care. Whatever the reason, periodontal disease has been linked to… Read more »

Gum Disease and Bone Loss: A Destructive Relationship

By the time gum inflammation progresses into full blown periodontitis (literally “an infection of the area around the tooth), a serious bacterial infection has established itself far below your gum line. Your body – specifically, your immune system – senses the presence of infection and responds as it’s supposed to. It attempts to protect the… Read more »

Who Should Treat Gum Disease?

Gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States, affects approximately half of the population, report the Centers for Disease Control. In most cases, this inflammatory disorder is preventable if you practice good at-home oral hygiene and don’t smoke. However, many people have risk factors for gum disease that are outside… Read more »

Gum Disease Step-By-Step

We get it. When compared to life-threatening illnesses, gum disease just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Perhaps it’s the fact that gum disease doesn’t have any painful or gruesome symptoms until it reaches a later stage. Maybe it’s that we don’t rank our gums high on the list of “very important body… Read more »