Helpful Ways To Protect Your Gums

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The shining stars of our mouths are our teeth, and we strive to maintain the function and beauty of them always. But patients can underestimate the power that our periodontal tissue has in keeping our smile happy and healthy. This matter, commonly known as our gums, provides a sturdy barrier between the outside world and our body.

As our largest entrance, our mouths are also the most vulnerable area of weakness to bacterial and fungal infection. We are constantly battling the development of colonies within the recesses of our mouths, and if these take hold, they can do serious damage to you and your enamel.

By covering the root of the tooth, your periodontal tissue ensures that infection cannot take hold within the inside of the structure. When this happens, the most likely solution becomes a root canal, and we would like to avoid this surgery if possible. So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how to best prevent gum disease, and what to expect if you require a graft!


Preventive care is almost always ideal in dentistry, and your gums are a prime example of how the extra effort can save you time and money in the long run. If you currently have a healthy gumline, it is important that you keep this into the future.

We recommend a strict oral health care regimen at home, starting with twice-daily brushing. And please, do not forget to floss. If you are noticing blood when you are doing this, speak with your dentist. While there is a possibility that you are being too aggressive in your actions, the higher likelihood is the development of gingivitis.

Gingivitis refers to the inflammation and redness that comes with the first steps of infection. By speaking with a trained oral health professional, you may be able to remedy this situation before it becomes more serious. Patients can instead ignore the area of their mouth, feeling that some rest might calm the situation. But if it is due to bacterial growth, you will only be allowing these colonies to get larger with time.

You May Need More

If you have already begun to experience the recession of your gums, you shouldn’t be scared, either. Almost half of the adult population of the US has some form of this disease, and it is something that we see every day in our offices.

But once again, ignoring it can make your situation much worse. Grafting technology can restore your gumline to a proper and healthy level. Initially, your oral health provider will clean the site and remove any damaged tissue. If we are able, we will stretch your healthy gums and attach them to an appropriate line.

For some, another donor site is required so that enough tissue can be gathered. With both of these procedures, you will stick to a soft diet for around a week after. And as always, if you have any issues, call us when you can.


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