Your Gums Are Strong Defenders

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Receding gum tissue is a very common condition. In fact, nearly half of all Americans over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease. Often, people will believe that their gum issue solely affects the appearance of their smile. But this tissue is incredibly important in keeping our entire body safe, as the mouth can be incredibly susceptible to infection.

And as your oral health is expressly tied to your circulatory system, a problem here can lead to problems throughout the body. So it is very important to maintain a healthy and vigorous gumline, and not to shy away from recession. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains the seriousness of periodontal maintenance, and some ways that we can restore your smile to a robust immune defense!

Don’t Be Shy

Many people feel embarrassed by the state of their gums, and decide to try to hide the condition. This can include changing the way they smile or even opting to eat in private to avoid the shame. But that should never be the case with your oral health. Seeing your dentist should be a positive experience where you can feel open to share your fears and concerns.

If you are noticing redness and swelling in your mouth, you may be experiencing gingivitis, or the initial stage of periodontal disease. When you are brushing, do you notice blood? If so, please mention this to your trained oral health care professional. Your mouth should withstand even a rigorous brushing, so this very well may be a sign that action needs to be taken.

Most recession is caused by a lack of thorough oral health maintenance at home. Often, those with this issue feel they are overbrushing, so they may avoid the area or go easy on the site. But Instead, they may be compounding the issue by allowing bacterial growth to go unchecked.

What Can We Do?

For those with gum recession, the most likely solution will be a gum graft. This includes first the removal of old damaged and infected tissue. It is best that this material is removed, as the most optimal way to limit regrowth.

There are two different methods that may come after this step, and it depends on the location of donor material. For most, a free gingival graft is the solution. This involves stretching periodontal tissue up from the healthy area to your natural gumline. Then the biological material is adhered to your tooth.

There may not be enough tissue at that location to be able to cover enough area. If this is the case, you will need material taken from a different site, most commonly the roof of the mouth or the soft palate.

For both of these, a soft diet is required for the next week, with over-the-counter medicines typically suitable for the pain. So don’t wait, let’s restore your smile today!


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