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Gum recession and the underlying periodontal disease is one of the most common afflictions Americans face, with upwards of 47% encountering it on a daily basis. But even though it is incredibly common, people might be hesitant to admit that the problem even exists. But there is a solution that is available to you, so you should not wait any longer!

Grafting technology can use your own healthy tissue to return your gumline to its proper level, and not only for cosmetic purposes. This tissue is immensely important in protecting the teeth and the bone itself within your jaw.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how common grafting techniques work, and why they might be a great fit for your mouth!

Be Proactive

Many people suffering from periodontal, or gum, disease feel that they can hide the condition from other people. They will chew in a different way, or alter their smile to avoid showing that area of the mouth. Firstly, that’s not something that you should have to do, and if you find yourself doing this, please call your dentist and develop a plan. Life’s too short to ignore oral health problems.

The concept of grafting seems rather gory to people too, and surgery is never something to take lightly. But oral health professionals across the globe perform this procedure daily, so please understand that you are not in a unique situation. And despite its rather flashy appearance on image searches, it is not something that you should shy away from.

A Common Solution

The most likely option for you will be what is known as a free gingival graft. During this process, the oral health professional will remove damaged and infected tissue, to ensure that first and foremost, the infection has been removed. Recontamination can pose risks, as well.

Then, the healthy gum material is pulled to a healthy level and attached to the tooth. This will heal and grow naturally in a manner which it will not on its own. This is a very beneficial maneuver for someone with periodontal disease, and the sooner the situation is remedied, the better.

I Might Need More

For those people with more advanced periodontal disease, there simply may not be enough matter to be able to cover the area necessary. These individuals shouldn’t worry, though, because we can place donor material from another site within your own mouth.

Most often, this is taken from the roof of the mouth or the soft palate, and then is connected to the affected spot surgically. Like with the other form of grafting, it will heal together, forming new, healthy gum.

With both of these, there is a recovery period of about a week that is most often suggested, but always take the advice of your dentist. During this time, be sure to stick to soft foods that will be easy on the tender area. There’s no reason to avoid this any longer, call us today!


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