Month: October 2018

Work With Your Bruxism Treatment (Not Against It!)

When you find out that you are someone who requires bruxism treatment, you may feel astonished. “I didn’t even know I was grinding my teeth!” you might say. Or, you may be someone who clenches your teeth and feel quite shocked that you were unaware of this motion. As you may have just realized, bruxism… Read more »

Your Biopsy FAQs: Helpful Answers From Our Team!

Are you curious about potentially requiring a biopsy because you’ve noticed something has changed a bit with your mouth’s lining? Perhaps you are simply curious about this aspect of oral pathology. Maybe you already have a visit scheduled for this procedure! In any case, if you’d really like to learn more about what you can… Read more »

Halloween: 3 Dental Emergencies You Can Avoid (And How)

Halloween can be full of sweet treats and smiles! However, it can also be full of scary stuff, such as a dental emergency that you never even saw coming. Fortunately, you have our Cerritos, CA dental surgery team on your side to give you a quick warning ahead of time. When you have a good… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Things You May Not Have Discovered Just Yet

While you may think you already have the world of dental bridges figured out, it’s very possible you’re operating primarily on just a little bit of information or on assumption alone! When you’re missing teeth and you’re ready to do something about it, our Cerritos, CA team invites you to spend some time discovering new… Read more »