Month: October 2016

Quiz: Flossing, Brushing, And Dental Implants

When patients receive dental implants, they often become hyper-concerned about the daily care they will be providing themselves going forward. Of course, we appreciate the level of dedication patients have for their oral health. However, feeling overwhelmed or worried about your smile after receiving implants is not necessary. The care you provide for your smile… Read more »

Tooth Replacement Terms To Learn

Once you have made the decision to repair your smile when tooth loss leaves it with open spaces, you will find that you are introduced to a whole new world: The world of prosthetic dentistry like dental implants, that is. While the wonders that await you are very exciting and mean that you will soon… Read more »

2 Ways Implants Provide Support

When you begin learning about choosing dental implants for your smile, you likely come across some exciting benefits. Among the many details, it’s quite common to form an understanding that implants offer patients exceptional support. However, throwing the term “support” around without any specifics can feel a bit vague. As a result, we are ready to… Read more »

National Dental Hygiene Month Is Here!

This month, we welcome both the promise of nicer weather as well as the celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month! As a result, we encourage you to make the most of your October by thinking about your usual approach to your dental care. Are you doing all that you can at home? Do you have… Read more »