National Dental Hygiene Month Is Here!

This month, we welcome both the promise of nicer weather as well as the celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month! As a result, we encourage you to make the most of your October by thinking about your usual approach to your dental care. Are you doing all that you can at home? Do you have questions? Are you in need of a treatment from our practice but you have been procrastinating? Let us help you make use of this opportunity to start off with a clean slate.

Review Your Care In The Bathroom

To begin recognizing National Dental Hygiene Month, we encourage you to start off with your foundation for dental care. Take a look at your usual habits when you’re in your own bathroom. Are you set up with the products you need for exceptional oral health? They should include a soft-bristle toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste with fluoride. Are you concerned you have the right stuff but you might not be relying on the most effective methods? Feel free to ask us about how you should be brushing and flossing to keep your smile as healthy as possible. We can walk you through the process and offer some extra helpful pointers.

Reflect On Professional Services You Need

What is it that you need for your professional dental care? Have you been scheduling dental checkups and cleanings every six months as suggested for your best oral health? Or has this taken a backseat to other things? Do you currently need dental surgery like a tooth extraction, dental implant placement, or otherwise, but you’ve been procrastinating? Take this moment to heart and start fresh. Give us a call, schedule your dental care visit, and we will update your care plan (if necessary) and restore your smile.