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Tooth Sensitivity Can Be More Than Annoying

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For those suffering from pain in their teeth, they might be inclined to believe that it is something that might ease up over time. Maybe the issue will subside and then with proper oral health maintenance, it can be avoided in the future. If you can just get over the pain right now! Unfortunately, that… Read more »

Reliable Solutions For Painful Teeth

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If you are experiencing tooth pain of some sort, know that you are not alone. This is one of the most common reasons that people visit dentists, after all. Even when people know they need to speak with an oral healthcare professional, nothing spurs them to action quite like a toothache can. Whether you are… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Your Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can occur for a wide variety of reasons. But if you are suffering from this condition, you shouldn’t ignore this sign, as it can mean a great deal for the health of your smile. Rarely does a situation simply get better on its own, and there may be an underlying cause to the… Read more »

3 Oral Surgery Obstacles And Solutions

What’s keeping you from coming in to see us to discuss oral surgery that you need and to go ahead and move forward? If you ever feel as though you are the only one faced with frustrating obstacles, remember: There are many patients that we see facing the same or very similar roadblocks. The good… Read more »

Plan A Date With Your Dental Surgeon This Valentine’s Day!

So, you have some things you’d really like to discuss with your dental surgeon because your smile isn’t what it could be? However, you find that you end up dragging your feet because you feel you are on the precipice of making some very big decisions for your smile. Why not use the upcoming Valentine’s… Read more »

Aligning Your Smile: Why You’re Seeing An Oral Surgeon

When you venture into the world of orthodontics to get your smile sorted out, so it’s straight and beautiful, you might not recognize that it can become quite the journey. For some issues, you’ll only need to see your orthodontist. However, in some cases, such as when overcrowding is your concern, you just might need… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon’s December Tips

When you’re looking for answers about your smile care needs, it’s often a wise decision to come in to see your oral surgeon. Perhaps you are already aware of what you need but you’re having a hard time with getting started. Maybe you know you need something to improve and protect the state of your… Read more »

Q&A: Your Electric Toothbrush Questions

Perhaps you have oral surgery coming up and you’re wondering if you’ll still be able to use your electric toothbrush after your procedure. Maybe you have replaced teeth with a dental bridge and you don’t know if it’s safe to use a powered brush on the device. Then again, maybe you’re wondering if using this… Read more »

Dental Surgery: What Can I Expect?

You know when you come to see us that we offer dental surgery services. However, aside from the particular reason you come in for a visit, this might not mean very much to you. What types of treatments do we provide, you may wonder? What else might you be able to access? Do we offer… Read more »

Answers To 2 Common Candidacy Questions

There are many, many questions that we have received over the years. While many questions are specific to a patient’s particular needs or thoughts, there are some that stand out as becoming extremely common. Today, we’d like to cover some of those as they relate to candidacy, which is a frequent topic of inquiry when… Read more »