2 Ways Implants Provide Support

When you begin learning about choosing dental implants for your smile, you likely come across some exciting benefits. Among the many details, it’s quite common to form an understanding that implants offer patients exceptional support. However, throwing the term “support” around without any specifics can feel a bit vague. As a result, we are ready to ensure you become informed regarding the way this tooth replacement solution can provide you the reinforcement you need.

Support Type #1: Smile Support

First things first, the reason you are considering receiving dental implants is the fact that you are missing teeth. As you make your way through your options for restoring your smile, you will discover that implants far and away provide the best option for a supportive smile. What do we mean by this? Well, each implant is surgically inserted into your jaw tissue, resulting in a solid bond between implant and jawbone. This means you will be able to chew nearly any food you choose to eat, your tooth replacement will never budge, you can talk without fear of tooth movement, and your daily life will be like it was before you lost your tooth or teeth.

Support Type#2: Facial Support

You may have heard at some point that open spaces in your smile yield jaw tissue loss. The result is a jawbone that deteriorates. You may have also learned that implants stop this problem in its tracks. Here’s what you need to know: Dental implants send signals to your jawbone the way your roots were once providing stimulation. Your jawbone offers immense support to your smile and your face. When your jaw tissue volume and size deplete, facial collapse occurs. If you want full support not only for your smile but also your facial features, implants can help.