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One of the most common issues that faces our oral health is the progression of what is known as periodontal disease. This is the infection and related inflammation that affects the gum tissue. This material is more important than most people realize, and it also does not regrow in the same fashion that many other parts of our body do. It simply operates differently than say, your skin does.

This tissue is also incredibly important at maintaining a safe and secure smile. Our gums act as a shield or a barrier between the dangers of the outside world and the complicated network of nerves, bone, and blood vessels that connect our dental matter to our jaw. Without this, the structures throughout the mouth are more susceptible to infection. This can lead to a root canal surgery or even an extraction. Bacteria can also grow into the jaw, leading to a loss of bone matter. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist stresses the importance of regular gum maintenance, and what to do if they begin to recede!

Prevention Is Key

Within dentistry, one of the best things that a patient can do is to prevent damage from occurring before it can cause structural damage. This is an essential part of maintaining your periodontal health. You might believe that with proper oral hygiene, your gumline will be able to restore itself on its own. This is most often not the case, and the development of your disease can begin to cause lasting harm.

So while treating yourself properly will not allow you to turn back the hands of time, it can be a very helpful tool in stopping bacterial growth from the start. When you develop the initial stages of this disease, it is called gingivitis. This can show in redness, tenderness, or swelling at the location where bacteria have begun to take hold.

Often, patients will believe that this is a result of being too firm in their brushing and flossing. But most likely it is the result of bacterial growth. And going easy on that site can cause more damage rather than the intended healing.

A Surgical Solution

For patients with significant recession, a gum graft is the most likely solution. This is a surgical procedure that aims to restore a missing gumline. Initially, your periodontist will clean and remove any tissue that has signs of bacterial growth. Re-infection can be common, and itis best to take all evidence away.

Once this is clean, the remaining material is pulled and attached to your natural gumline. If there is not enough material at this location, another site will be used to gather the necessary tissue. Afterward, a recovery period with a soft diet from a week to a ten days is usually sufficient for healing!


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