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If you are part of the nearly half of all Americans over the age of thirty that are struggling with your gums, know that you are not alone. This is one of the most common concerns that affect our smiles. Not only can this be damaging to your look, but it can place the health of your smile at risk, as well. It is best to avoid any further progression of your periodontal disease, but some people may need surgical assistance to renew their gumline.

This disease does not readily improve on its own, like some other parts of your body will. So if you are holding off, it can only do you more harm in the long run. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains some of the most common methods of gumline renewal, and how you can best restore your smile!

Initial Signs

When you brush your teeth, if you regularly notice there is blood, then you should schedule an appointment with a trained oral health care professional. Sometimes patients will believe that they are being too rough on their gums, but in reality it is most likely the development of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the term for the initial steps of periodontal disease. You may notice that your gums are red and swollen. They may even be tender.

Make sure that you take extra care in your hygiene at that spot, instead of leaving it alone. By ignoring it, you are not letting it heal on its own, you are permitting the growth of harmful bacterial colonies within vital tissue within your mouth. This is not something you should leave alone!

Possible Correction

If your trained oral health care professional suggests a surgery to correct your periodontal matter, this is most likely going to be what is known as a free gingival graft. This entails initially the removal of any infected tissue or damaged material. Then, your healthy gum matter is stretched outward and attached at your natural gumline.

This is an incredibly effective way at gumline renewal. If you require more tissue than that location can provide, it is not a problem. Your periodontist will locate another site from which to take some of your gum material. Typically, this comes from the roof of the mouth or the soft palate, but it may come from somewhere else within your mouth. This grows alongside the natural tissue there!

These forms of grafts include around a week to ten days of recovery. You will need to stick to a soft diet for this time, and then introduce more difficult foods. Always listen to your dentist, they know your unique path better than anyone!


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