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Periodontal health is more important than most people recognize. They may see the gums as a supporting player in the sturdiness of their dentistry. In fact, this tissue is its own vibrant source of immunological protection. Your gums provide an invaluable barrier between the chaos of your mouth and the vulnerable area beneath the gumline. Your teeth are intended for use in a specific area, and can become susceptible to decay and infection if too much of it is exposed.

Periodontal disease affects over four in every ten individuals over the age of thirty in this country. Despite the stigma of gum infection and inflammation, this is a common condition. Speak with Dr. Hofkes, DDS at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA about how periodontal grafting can help you restore a beautiful gumline and protect the lasting vitality of your teeth!

Gum Disease Is A Leading Cause Of Tooth Decay

The infection of periodontal tissue is a highly common form of bacterial health concern. This begins as a condition known as gingivitis. If you begin to notice redness or swelling at a location, this might be the cause. If you experience pain or notice bleeding while brushing your teeth, speak with a qualified dental health professional. It may be the start of an infection of your gums.

The earlier you are able to catch your periodontal disease, the less invasive your repair tends to be. There are mitigating factors such as illness and genetics that should be taken into account. However, without care, your condition is likely to further progress.

How Grafting Helps Restore Your Gumline

Gum disease requires the initial removal of damaged tissue. After this is complete, you will require additional assistance to restore your gumline to a proper level. Periodontal tissue does not regrow in the same way that skin does, and so a graft helps to cover the area.

If there is enough material available at the location, a procedure commonly known as a pinhole procedure can help. This aims to stretch the gums from near the jaw up to an appropriate spot and adhere them to the tooth. After a week or two of recovery, your new gumline should be set!

Finding Your Periodontal Repair In Cerritos, CA

The recession of your gums can leave your oral structures exposed. Keep your oral health strong by eliminating your periodontal disease. Part of this process can include the surgical restoration of your gumline. Speak with Dr. Hofkes, DDS at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA about how grafting can help your smile stay beautiful and strong. Give us a call at (562)584-4082 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and begin your path to vibrant gums that provide invaluable immunological support!