Gum Grafting As A Cosmetic Treatment

Closeup cartoon of gum graft

Did you know that periodontal disease affects nearly half of all American adults? This bacterial infection of the gum tissue, left untreated, can greatly affect the appearance of your mouth for the worse. In particular, as the disease progresses, the gingival tissue recedes which exposes the underlying roots of your teeth. Sufferers of the disease may develop feelings of embarrassment when observing themselves in a mirror. If you find yourself looking “long in the tooth,” know that a solution to heal your appearance is available!

Gum grafting can take the healthy portion of your tissue and attach your gumline to its original level after experiencing recession. In addition to returning your self-confidence in your facial features, gum grafting will provide further stability to your periodontal health. This can help prevent future damage to your smile, such as the loss of a tooth, which would greatly impact your grin. Your Cerritos, CA dentist happily provides periodontal grafting solutions that can restore the appearance of your gumline.

Take Action On Gum Health Today!

Certain people may delay seeking treatment for their periodontal disease even though they are uncomfortable with the appearance of their gums. They may refrain from smiling in photographs or avoid eating meals in a social context. While it may be natural to hide your feelings of embarrassment, know that failure to act may make your gum recession worse. When gum disease causes tissues to recede, your dentist will examine if gum grafting is appropriate to repair your oral structure. Remember that the sooner you act in addressing gum disease, the less likely you are to suffer advanced recession and other complications.

Gumline Restoration and Recovery

The first step to restore your natural appearance is the removal of any infected material currently affecting your tissue. After clearing any infection, your skilled oral surgery team will pull the existing healthy gum tissue to the original line above your teeth. The tissue is then stitched in place and held tight throughout the healing and recovery process. If the surgeon determines you do not have enough healthy tissue to reattach on its own, they will select a donor site from the roof of your mouth to obtain additional gingival material.

Your surgeon will give specific dietary instructions on what to eat during the week or two your gums take to heal. Adhering to your diet over the course of your recovery will help ensure that no damage affects the tender healing area.

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Our teeth are an integral part of our appearance. They rely upon strong and healthy gum tissue for their proper support. If you believe you may be in need of a gum graft or any other oral surgery, please schedule a consultation with our Cerritos, CA dental practice today at 562-584-4082. Dr. Shawn Hofkes and our staff proudly serve patients of all ages from the communities of Lakewood, Long Beach, and Buena Park as well.