Q&A: Smile Restoration with Ceramic Crowns

Despite the strength of our teeth, our smiles aren’t immune to damage. Everything from trauma to advanced tooth decay can compromise our tooth structure. In many cases, you may require a dental crown to return your tooth to full function and health. With ceramic crowns, we can place a metal-free restoration that looks completely natural.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Crowns

Question: Why do I need a crown?

Answer: A crown may be prescribed for a number of reasons. Crowns cover the visible portion of a tooth, strengthening the tooth structure and preventing further decay or infection. Crowns can repair chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth and restore teeth following root canal procedures. Crowns may also be used to help replace missing teeth by topping dental implants or securing a dental bridge. Finally, crowns can serve a cosmetic purpose, masking permanent teeth stains or reshaping malformed teeth.

Question: Will my ceramic crown match my smile?

Answer: Yes. The ceramic material mimics the translucent function of natural teeth. Our ceramic crowns look and function like natural teeth, blending with your smile.

Question: How long do ceramic crowns last?

Answer: With the proper care, a ceramic crown can last for decades. Simply practice good dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing regularly and attending checkups and dental cleanings.

Question: What does the ceramic crown placemen involve?

Answer: First, Dr. Shawn Hofkes will prepare the tooth and take an impression. Using the impression, an expert ceramist will construct your dental crown. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown. Once your custom-made restoration is complete, Dr. Hofkes will check the fit and place the crown using a powerful bonding agent.

About Your Cerritos Oral Surgeon:

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