Ceramic Crowns in Cerritos CA

Do you feel a bit embarrassed when talking or smiling because your crowns are instantly obvious? A medley of metals when you open your mouth can create the appearance of a less-than-lovely smile. If you are seeking an all-white smile you can feel confident flashing without hesitation, consider ceramic crowns.

What Makes Ceramic Crowns Different?

Ceramic crowns, as their name suggests, are made out of ceramic. However, a variety of ceramic crowns are available to fit your particular cosmetic dentistry needs. Zirconia crowns, for example, are made of a translucent ceramic material. Because they are not opaque, this type of crown is well-suited for use as a simple cover, over stained or slightly damaged teeth. Your natural teeth are barely visible beneath, for a natural finish.

Due to the long-lasting, durable nature of ceramic, crowns present a long-term option for creating a more beautiful smile. For more severe tooth decay or worn-down teeth, ceramic crowns with greater opacity provide the coverage you want without losing a natural finish. You may consider older porcelain crowns on a metal base an eyesore. You may also have gold crowns, which disrupt the appearance of a bright, uniform smile.

Which Ceramic Crown Procedures Are Available with Dr. Hofkes?

The use of ceramic crowns is not limited to one purpose. You may wish to improve your smile by replacing older metal-based or full-metal crowns or to cover unsightly teeth. To maintain a beautiful smile, however, you may also wish to select a ceramic crown during new procedures. A root canal or broken tooth often requires a crown to act as your tooth when your roots and a portion of your natural, healthy tooth are still intact.

Dr. Hofkes also offers crown lengthening. For a “gummy smile,” or teeth with excessive gum coverage, your dentist cuts back the extra gums. He may also remove part of a damaged or broken tooth. To create the appearance of longer teeth, the prepped tooth is covered with a ceramic crown. In conjunction with your new gumline, your teeth will appear longer. Your gleaming teeth, rather than your gums, become the main attraction when you smile.

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Crowns?

Dr. Hofkes and our staff create a customized ceramic crown that looks like one of your own teeth. Choosing to use ceramic crowns benefits your smile in a number of ways:

  • Ceramic crowns restore the appearance of damaged or broken-down teeth.
  • The appearance of ceramic crowns blends with your natural smile for a restored appearance.
  • Covering teeth with ceramic crowns is a cost-effective means of improving your smile and the contour of your teeth in comparison with more expensive investments.   

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