Oral Surgery: Questions We Expect

You might think that we expect you to listen to us talk with you about oral surgery and that you should then go home feeling fully satisfied with our explanations (and ready for your surgery). This couldn’t be any further from the truth! What we expect is for you to ask us questions regarding information you don’t understand, details you feel we have left out, or something you simply want clarification on. To help reassure you that we are truly happy to converse with you about your upcoming surgery and to answer every little question you might have, we offer some inquiries we generally expect every single time!

Why Is This Necessary?

You will not hurt our feelings because you want to know why we have suggested oral surgery or why we recommend the particular treatment at hand. Instead, we are happy to provide you with a broader, more detailed explanation regarding why other treatments will not suffice and why the chosen treatment is best suited to your oral health.

How Can I Prepare?

Feel free to ask us if there’s anything you can do to prepare. We will, of course, provide you with instructions regarding how to prep for the day or your oral surgery. However, we are more than happy to review these instructions or to cover additional concerns.

Will It Be Comfortable?

Feel free to ask this question! The answer will always be “yes” but we know that a little reassurance and the “how” behind your concern can go a long way. Remember, our goal is to ensure you feel calm and prepared.

What Do I Do When I Get Home?

Similar to asking about preparation, we will offer you detailed instructions for how to care for yourself and your smile upon returning home after oral surgery. However, questions are welcome!