Oral Surgery in Cerritos CA

Oral surgery can fix a variety of oral health problems. Some patients never had their wisdom teeth removed. Others are dealing with disorders, such as receding gums, that can be addressed with gum grafting. While the term “surgery” may evoke a sensation of butterflies in your stomach, oral surgery is an out-patient procedure. Many surgeries take as little as one to a few hours from start to finish. Dr. Hofkes offers anesthesia and can speak with you about IV sedation if the idea of surgery causes a bit more than everyday nerves.

Why Has My Dentist Recommended Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery simply refers to operative procedures that alter or fix problems in your mouth. Rest assured, Dr. Hofkes’ focus is creating a conservative, streamlined plan to restore your oral health and function as soon as possible. If he suggests oral surgery as your best option, it is probably in reference to procedures like wisdom teeth extraction or gum grafting. When your dentist chooses oral surgery, the decision includes two important factors:

  • The problem, such as impacted or problematic wisdom teeth, must be addressed through oral surgery. Other treatments will not restore oral health and alignment.
  • Surgery is the best method for preventing further damage and subsequent procedures.

What Does Oral Surgery Entail?

Oral surgery is specific to the dental issue you are resolving. For example, if Dr. Hofkes recommends the removal of your wisdom teeth, he will prepare by creating visual documentation of your teeth using X-rays and digital imaging. For the removal of several teeth, or if your nerves are preventing you from undergoing necessary surgery, Dr. Hofkes may administer IV sedation. For less invasive procedures like gum grafting, patients will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. Oral surgery procedures take place in-house. At the offices of Shawn Hofkes, DDS, we pride ourselves on creating a calm, pleasant environment for all procedures.

Once you are comfortably numb or sedated, Dr. Hofkes performs the required surgery. During wisdom teeth extraction, for example, he loosens erupted teeth and pulls them from your mouth. Your dentist may need to break impacted teeth into smaller portions for easier removal. Expect to feel some pressure during the procedure. If you are sedated, bring a friend or loved one to drive you home safely as the medication wears off. Recuperation time usually lasts one to two weeks. You may need to clear your schedule, set up a gentle eating plan, and may be prescribed antibiotics to assist in healing and prevent possible infection.

What Are the Benefits to Choosing Oral Surgery?

Did you know that you will go home directly after your oral surgery? If surgery sounds overwhelming, realize the procedure takes no more than a few hours and promotes lifelong oral health. If you’re still undecided, consider possible benefits of oral surgery:

  • Surgery removes the source of pain or discomfort without temporarily masking the problem.
  • Oral surgery can prevent future problems, such as misalignment of teeth as a result of crooked wisdom teeth growth.
  • Surgery quickly improves your appearance and oral health. Gum tissue grafting fixes receding gums for a healthy-looking smile and freshly protected teeth.

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