New Stability For Your Jaw

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Grafting is a fascinating process in which biological material can take hold and thrive within your mouth. Oral surgeons use this form of procedure regularly within the dental profession, in multiple kinds of tissue. Primarily, this builds up areas where your natural biological material is lacking, due to infection or a process known as reabsorption. This is where the body recovers resources from a part of the area it feels is not healthy enough to continue to maintain.

In the bone of the jaw, this procedure can help in a few different ways. If there has been an infection, there might be areas where this tissue is not dense enough to be able to withstand daily use in chewing and speaking. This can lead to structural issues, so rebuilding the jaw is necessary. Also, if you are looking into the possibility of a dental implant, you may need a bone graft to create a stable enough foundation for use. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist outlines the process of bone grafting, as well as shows how it can be an effective tool at giving you a strong and lasting smile!

A Common Concern

Patients can be hesitant when they learn about the possibility of a bone grafting procedure. The idea of surgery at all may seem overwhelming, due to time and health concerns. But this is a very common practice in dental offices throughout the country. You should rest easy in its ability to make all the difference!

Grafts include the transplantation of biological tissue from one source into another. Then, it grows into the new location. This is frequently used in dentistry, and you may be familiar with its practice in periodontal tissue. Many mouths are saved each year through the ability of this process to renew gumlines!

Strength And Vigor

If your mouth has become weak due to an oral health concern, your oral health care provider may suggest the possibility of a bone graft. This can be as a result of a broad amount of issues, from infection and cancer to the reabsorption at the site of a missing tooth. When your jaw contains less bone matter, there may be structural concerns that require assistance.


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