Summertime Surprises: Avoid Emergencies With Important Tips

There are some good summertime surprises that you can look forward to, of course, like a perfect day with perfect weather that just happens to show up! Then, there are those not-so-welcome surprises that translate into a dental emergency. Gather up our tips and remember them, so you can skip the trauma and make the most of this fun-packed season.

Poolside Safety Is Essential

One of the biggest culprits of injuries during summertime is the swimming pool. When you utilize it safely, you’re in the clear. However, when you don’t remember the basics (like jumping out, far away from the side, making sure the coast is clear, walking not running, etc.) you may run the risk of getting hurt. Ending up with a dental emergency is common! Protect your smile, so you can just enjoy.

Summertime BBQ Spread: Take A Closer Look

When you’re eating the food you prepare or that you’re used to, you have a good idea regarding what’s in it. However, when you’re at a barbeque or any type of party that has a food spread, you may want to pause, take a closer look, and even ask about ingredients if necessary. Things like fruits with pits, meat you didn’t realize had a bone in it, and things that irritate your mouth can land you in our practice for your dental emergency.

Prioritize Your Care

Is there something your smile really needs this summer but you have other ideas because you’d rather be doing something else? We encourage you to prioritize your oral health above other plans, so you can make the most of whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for a very enjoyable few months of warmer weather without incurring a fully avoidable dental emergency.

Make Your Way To Us For Dental Emergencies

When an emergency affects your smile, it’s time to call us right up, so we may set things right again for your oral health. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities, such as Lakewood, Long Beach, Buena Park, and more.