Treat Your Smile With Tooth Extraction

The idea of losing a tooth can be quite a bit to wrap your head around, especially when it’s to help the rest of your teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction can greatly improve your oral health. How can removing a tooth improve your oral health? What’s involved in the process? What can your dentist do to make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible? These questions can be answered when discussing with your dentist how to treat your smile with tooth extraction.

Removing The Problem

There are several situations where removal of a tooth is necessary for your oral health such as overcrowded teeth, extensive tooth damage, or severe infection that can risk the health of other teeth. One of the main reasons for tooth extraction is an impacted wisdom tooth. Typically, a wisdom tooth has very little space to develop, which can cause it to grow crooked. These teeth are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth. When this happens, it can cause an exorbitant amount of pain as well as cause damage to the rest of your teeth. It’s highly recommended that impacted wisdom teeth be removed.

When extracting a tooth, your dentist takes great care before, during, and after the procedure to ensure comfort and expediency. Before the procedure, your dentist uses a local anesthetic that numbs the tooth and its surrounding area. You can also ask about sedation options your dentist may offer to help you remain calm during. Your dentist will also work with you to choose a plan of action for replacing the tooth and restoring your bite’s function and appearance.

Consult Your Dentist Today

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth that’s severely damaged, tooth extraction can provide you with the relief you need. Contact us at our local Cerritos, CA office at 562-584-4082.