Tooth Extractions in Cerritos CA

Are you experiencing recurring pain in one or more of your teeth? Beyond the need for wisdom teeth removal surgery is individual tooth extraction. You may be a good candidate for tooth extraction if you experience discomfort, loosening, or infection that is not easily treated with other dental procedures. For example, when root canal treatment cannot save a decayed tooth or fails, extraction may be the only option.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

You may need your tooth removed for any of an array of reasons. In some cases, antibiotics and root canal treatment may not effectively treat an infected tooth. Because the teeth in your mouth share such close quarters, infection can spread easily, putting your oral health at risk. Removal of one tooth is a key move in returning your mouth to good health.

You may also require the removal of healthy teeth to prepare for dentures. If you are under the care of an orthodontist, tooth extraction may create necessary room to improve the health of your alignment and bite. Devices such as braces, for example, can shift teeth but removal is often the only course of action to solve overcrowding. Dr. Hofkes will gently examine the tooth in question to determine whether tooth extraction is the best option for your needs.

What Should I Expect?

The dental surgeon and staff at the practice of Dr. Hofkes have your best interest at heart. You may have heard stories from friends who agreed to cheap tooth removal as a means to an end. Rest assured, when you receive treatment from Shawn Hofkes, DDS, he considers every possible solution and offers you deliberate advice with your long-term oral health as the number one priority.

For a tooth that has developed and is visible above your gumline, the dentist will perform a simple extraction. The procedure includes a gentle application of a local anesthetic so that you will only feel a bit of pressure while your dentist works. Dr. Hofkes will loosen the tooth and use dental forceps to carefully remove it. For a tooth that has not erupted, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, patients receive a surgical extraction. The dentist will administer general anesthetic and perform surgery beneath the gum, often dividing the tooth into more than one piece for easier removal.

What Is Involved in Aftercare?

Immediately after your tooth extraction, the dental surgeon may ask you to bite down on gauze to provide pressure until the blood clots and bleeding stops. A small amount of bleeding may continue for approximately one day, but should stop completely in 24 hours. You will need to eat soft food to avoid disrupting the healing process. Do not suck liquids through a straw or attempt to dislodge the clot in the socket. The clot, the body’s natural scab formation, is essential to the healing process. Clot removal may lead to dry socket, a painful result of a disrupted clot, which will require further treatment. Dr. Hofkes may prescribe painkillers to decrease swelling or discomfort. However, over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen, often sufficiently address the mild pain associated with a tooth extraction.

Can I Replace My Extracted Tooth?

Yes. We will provide you with options to restore the beauty and function of your smile with a healthy, natural appearance. Options include:

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