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Some of the more common sleep disorders interact with our oral health. One of the more prevalent unconscious movements that our brain uses as an outlet is with the grinding of teeth. When this happens throughout the day, you may be able to stop yourself from continuing this behavior. At night, however, it can be a fundamentally different story. This action can become seriously damaging to the health of your enamel and the future of your smile.

Another concerning sleep issue that relates to the structures of the mouth and throat is chronic obstructive sleep apnea. When we are in our deepest form of slumber, the nerve that controls the use of our tongue can relax to a point where our throat collapses enough to allow the blockage of the airway. Apnea refers to the ensuing pauses in breath as a result of this obstruction. At Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA, we offer a tested method of sleep improvement in night guards. These soft guards can help you avoid the harms of both bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea without the use of bulky machines or surgery!

Overnight Grinding Can Wear Down Enamel

Bruxism is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders and it can lead to serious wear of your enamel. This refers to the grinding of teeth during sleep. Damage from this disorder can be distinct, as the direction of this action can happen repeatedly over the hours you rest each night. This condition can also lead to the misalignment of teeth, so address it early to avoid possible future harm.

A simple night guard can help you to avoid the enamel damage that bruxism can create. Speak with your trained oral health professional about these custom fitted devices to keep your smile safe overnight. When wear progresses beyond the enamel, it can lead to various issues such as dentin sensitivity and interior tooth infection!

Protect Your Airway From Obstruction

Another common sleep disorder is chronic obstructive sleep apnea. This refers to the slight pauses in breath that may occur overnight due to the structures of the throat collapsing on themselves. As we sleep, we can become so relaxed that the nerve that allows us to swallow can become paralyzed. The airway may become blocked by this and prevent us from receiving the proper amount of oxygen.

This condition can be troublesome to your blood pressure and risk of stroke or heart attack. Speak with your oral health professional about how a night guard can help you breathe freely!

Discover The Reward Of Great Sleep In Cerritos, CA

If you are having trouble with your sleep, your oral health may be to blame. Schedule an appointment today by contacting Cerritos Dental Surgery today in Cerritos, CA at 562-584-4082. A night guard may help you restore your full sleep potential!