Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQ

When the subject of wisdom teeth arises, the next thought for many people is “tooth extraction.” The third molars (also called wisdom teeth) tend to appear in the later teen years. Dental technology can often help family dentists see in advance when wisdom teeth are trapped by bone, angled improperly, or will crowd other teeth if allowed to emerge. In this case, referral to an oral surgeon may be made. Extracting one or both wisdom teeth may be the best step for both your oral health and your smile.

FAQ #1: At What Age Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

In most cases, wisdom tooth extraction takes places in the teenage years. Their development can be monitored with dental technology, and removal is easier before they are fully set in the bone. If allowed to emerge, poorly aligned wisdom teeth can protrude from the side of the gum, or throw other teeth out of alignment.

FAQ #2: Will It Hurt?

Wisdom teeth are removed while the patient is under IV sedation. This means the patient will be fully asleep, and monitored by a technician throughout the procedure. Patients cannot drive themselves home after surgery, and should plan to rest for a few days. Your oral surgeon will discuss the need for pain relievers in the days following surgery, and advise on options

FAQ #3: Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Expensive?

Wisdom teeth removal is generally covered by insurance, as a necessary oral surgery. Every insurance plan differs in coverage specifics, but our trained staff can help in planning, in consultation with your insurance company. We also have financing options for patients who do not have dental insurance coverage.

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